11 07, 2021

Does this mean there is a war between the actor’s interests and the wealthy bookseller and wealthy farmer?

Would you be surprised that this A+ list mostly movie actor hired a company to act as bodyguards for the actor and his profile visitors when visiting this Caribbean nation? Would you be surprised that the head of that company is the man who was arrested for the murder of the leader of that country. Would you be surprised that same man was the head of security for a foundation's personnel in the same country. The head of the foundation had the person recommended by the actor.

25 02, 2021

Another staged photo op

One person who is wanting COVID to take its course is the wife of this foreign leader all of you know. She wants a divorce, but agreed to wait until there is some type of normalcy. Another staged photo op like this week though, did not make her happy.

14 08, 2020

She is cheating on him

Her last indiscretion was overseas, but her most recent one is local. Someone is going to get a picture of the spouse of this foreign born leader cheating on him.

21 06, 2020

He needed a boost

He needed a boost, so this wife of a north of the border political leader traveled from her separate residence to make an appearance for her still husband.

20 03, 2020

They have split and have been leading separate lives for months

All this infection and quarantine has done is proved what I had told you just a few days earlier. This foreign born A+ list leader all of you know and his wife have split and have been leading separate lives for months. My only question is whether some Contagion style hooking up was going on before the quarantine.

12 03, 2020

Don’t Tell Anyone

Even with the words I am writing, this might be the shortest big blind ever. This foreign born A+ list politician all of you know, and some might have a thing for has been living separately from his wife for at least the past four months.