20 10, 2021

Like Napalm

These two women used to be best friends. They always hung out together and did coke together. They were in multiple threesomes with each other. The first one we will call AA . She was and is an actress. She peaked about A- list. The second one we will call BB. She has been an actress and a singer and a reality star and not very good at any of them, but all of you know her. They were best friends until a series of events over the course of a couple weeks resulted in them never speaking to each other again.

17 03, 2021

Like a puppet master, this model.

Speaking of the alliterate model, she thought it would be a wonderful idea to have multiple exes at the show. She still texts the foreign born former boy bander quite frequently and had the close family friend/manager, pressure the award organization to include the former A+ list singer who gets more creepy as he ages. Like a puppet master, this model.

22 03, 2019

Singer walked away telling him he needed help

This former A+ list singer who is now A+ list generally at only hitting on women 24/7 was so wasted while hitting on people that this foreign born B+ list mostly television actress who used to be on a hit almost network show was laughing at him and the married alliterate A list singer walked away telling him he needed help.

11 03, 2019

She chose not to attend.

I'm not saying the former A+ list singer went home with the late night talk show host but they were certainly cozy with each other all evening at a party for the host, way more than usual when they hang out. Oh, and that reality star who has multiple shows on the channel, could have easily made it.

25 02, 2019

They both acted as if it would be gone forever.

Apparently at an after party, these two A/A- list singers wouldn't stop doing coke to even talk to each other. They both acted as if it would be gone forever. One had an amazing 2018 and the other is a sex freak/fill in band member.

21 02, 2019

Except for the most recent ex

The big deal might be made about the ex I told you would make a reappearance in her life, but, except for the most recent ex, there were four or five exes of this permanent A list actress at her birthday party.

19 11, 2018

Deep in the closet

Why yes, that was the former A+ list singer who has always been kind of se-xually fluid making out at a party with the foreign born A+ list singer who is so deep in the closet you would need a spotlight just to see a shadow.