He continues to cheat

Soo.. He is cheating on her, she reaches out to his ex-wife and ex tells her that "That's just how he rolls as an artist" ??? Oh boy! Girl.. Move on!

Disposal: She knows all about some bodies disposed by a killer animal. Not Carole Baskin.

We all know that Carol Baskin was not the first to use a killer animal to do a little body disposal. What about a celebrity though? Someone more famous than a streaming reality star. What if I told you that a former A list mostly movie actress who has an offspring who is arguably more famous, knows all about some bodies disposed by a killer animal. One was a drug dealer who was chasing after the family to be paid. He ended up dead and fed to the animal. The other was a gardener who got a little too close and died. The family didn't want any questions so the gardener was fed to the animal.

A totally normal split?

This foreign born lead singer in an A+ list group is a serial cheater, but it looks as if he and his A-/B+ list actress girlfriend spending less time together and probably splitting has nothing to do with cheating. Shocking. A totally normal split? That can't be.

2 blinds in a row

As I predicted, this celebrity offspring actress missed acting and came back to the US and is now being cheated on by her significant other. / The tabloids are in a predicament. They are being asked to trash the late night actor, but the star is waning for the people who are asking. The late night actor sells issues and gets clicks. Drugs will probably kill him in the next few months.

2 blinds in a row

Judging by how they interacted with each other when they crossed paths, which is to say they pretended to not know each other, it looks like things are back to their version of normal between the actress offspring of an actress offspring and this foreign born former co-star. / The permanent A list "singer" has no idea how things are going to go from bad to worse if this latest move is approved.