This foreign born A list singer in a group, continues to cheat on his actress/offspring girlfriend.

He is getting much more brazen about it now.

Chris Martin – Coldplay

Dakota Johnson

‘His Moods Are Part Of The Package’: Chris Martin’s GF Dakota Johnson Seeks Advice From Gwyneth Paltrow As He Grows Emotionally Distant After Stalker Incident

Wannabe bride Dakota Johnson is itching for moody rocker Chris Martin to commit, especially after their scary stalker, so she’s seeking advice from his ex Gwyneth Paltrow before the clock runs out on their romance, has learned.

“Gwyn told Dakota that Chris’ moods are part of the package with him,” the insider squealed. “Gwyn said even after they married and had two kids, Chris would just say, ‘I’m going off for a bit,’ and fly away to be alone with his thoughts and write songs in solitude. That’s just how he rolls as an artist.”

Another pal dished that Dakota is having second thoughts about fully investing in a relationship with her standoffish sweetie.

“Dakota wants a husband who is all in and wants to raise a family with her,” the insider close to the couple confided. “With Chris, she just gets the feeling you never get 100 perfect of him, and that’s why he and Gwyneth eventually split up.”

“Dakota believes Chris holds something away to himself,” the source continued, “and it makes Dakota fear they may not have a future.” The news of their relationship issues comes just days after the duo was granted a restraining order against a woman who believed she was married to Chris and lived in the couple’s home. – Source

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