He continues to cheat

Soo.. He is cheating on her, she reaches out to his ex-wife and ex tells her that "That's just how he rolls as an artist" ??? Oh boy! Girl.. Move on!

A totally normal split?

This foreign born lead singer in an A+ list group is a serial cheater, but it looks as if he and his A-/B+ list actress girlfriend spending less time together and probably splitting has nothing to do with cheating. Shocking. A totally normal split? That can't be.

2 blinds in a row

As I predicted, this celebrity offspring actress missed acting and came back to the US and is now being cheated on by her significant other. / The tabloids are in a predicament. They are being asked to trash the late night actor, but the star is waning for the people who are asking. The late night actor sells issues and gets clicks. Drugs will probably kill him in the next few months.

2 blinds in a row

The alliterate royal has at least three separate meetings with production companies and her agent lined up for when she is in LA. / This foreign born A list singer in an A list group can spout whatever nonsense he wants about why the group will not be touring any time soon. The truth is they have a ton of money and don't want to travel for a year.

Singer was seen doing a 6am sneak out of this foreign born permanent A list singer’s house after spending the night

The foreign born A list singer who had a really good last 18 months has been in this space before for cheating on her boyfriend with the barely a celebrity offspring of those not much higher on the list. He too is a multiple previous cheater including destroying a relationship for some fake pics with a reality star just to make her look good. Anyway, despite a previous denial, the foreign born singer was seen doing a 6am sneak out of this foreign born permanent A list singer's house after spending the night.

Of course her current husband is cheating

I'm not sure what this permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner expected. The way she interacts with her husband is going to give him a billion opportunities to cheat just like her ex and of course her current husband is cheating.