18 May, 2023

He cheated on the singer

The foreign born model/bad actress who tried to hit on her and failed, may have put an idea or two in her head about future dating prospects.

19 Sep, 2022

4 blinds in a row

Lots of off duty police work security. / This foreign born A- list model/really bad actress overdosed two weeks ago, but still can't stop using. / Apparently she is a diva when it comes to her drugs too. / Things she was absolutely not allowed to reveal about him.

12 Jan, 2022

3 blinds in a row

This one named former A/A- list singer solo and in a group is strung out on drugs again. / This former A+ list rapper who with a new headlining gig, might get that A+ list back, talks a lot about being a great parent, but hasn't spoken to any of his children in weeks. / This foreign born A- list model who is a really bad actress has got the A- list singer/bad actress using coke again. That is never good.

25 Jan, 2021

So, why the announcement now?

As I told you five months ago, the actress significant other of the foreign born actor who likes to get naked for movies, is pregnant. So, why the announcement now? An interview done with the foreign born model/really horrible actress who says the disgraced producer had a long term "deal" with our pregnant actress (who has probably already given birth).

6 Jul, 2020

She has got family money for days.

The thing is, this foreign born model/really bad actress/coke lover/serial cheater is really rich. She has got family money for days. So, when the celebrity CEO wants her to say something publicly about that menage a trois, she can't be persuaded with money. Notice there has only been one voice in opposition to the story.

28 May, 2020

Not this actress.

Everyone else from the main cast of the long running cable hit show that is no more have done something with their careers and lives since. Not this actress. She already was plagued with drug buzz and that she couldn't be counted on to show up on time and sober.