An actress is selling her story. Not her life so much, although it will be included but her life on one particular television show and the aftermath it wrought. I have always wanted to use that word. The show was a huge hit when it was on the air. It was in color, but barely. It has also been called cursed. This actress who never really worked again after it aired, is selling publishers on more than just the curse. She is selling them on what happened behind the scenes on the show where she was basically forced to have sex with the lead actors and producers and that the young cast on the show had no choice either and that both the boys and girls on the cast were molested and as they got older forced to have sex. She also claims that the most well known actor on the show who was probably almost A list at the time was not only having sex with his television daughter but also his real life daughter too. The actress says that everyone was complicit and that the studio heads would come over to the soundstage during the day and have their pick of the extras on set that day. Our actress also has interviews with other female television actresses of the day who say their shows were very much the same and that it was no wonder so many of the women hid behind a veil of drugs and booze as they got older and so many died tragic deaths.

Kathy Garver “Family Affair”


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