This actress, who used to date the actor in Blind Item #4 (“This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who flirts between the two recently got married. Great looking guy who has been carrying on a multi-year fling with a transsexual who frequently performs at The Box in NYC. The actor’s wife knew this going in and doesn’t mind.”)  is a nice solid B list mostly movie actress. Everyone loves her. Everyone wants to be her. The thing is though guys keep dumping her and now she is freaking out about getting married and having kids and told a first date a few weeks ago that she wanted to get married by Christmas of this year. Considering why all the other men dumped her you really will want to think long and hard about being married to the actress. That amazing smile is just a cover for a lot of things that go on in that head of hers.

Cameron Diaz, Rachel McAdams


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