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I’m constantly amazed that people still believe this former B+ list actress/singer offspring of a permanent A list singer started dating the permanent A+ lister when she was exactly 18, and not the 15-16 year old she really was when they started hooking up.

Rae Dawn Chong

Father: Tommy Chong

Mick Jagger

Rae Dawn Chong Recalls Sex With Mick Jagger At 15

Canadian actress Rae Dawn Chong said she was only 15 years old when she had sex with Mick Jagger, then 33.

Chong, the Edmonton-born daughter of comedian Tommy Chong, told The Mail on Sunday she had a two-day fling in New York City with Jagger in 1977 while he was married to first wife Bianca.

“He never asked me how old I was and I never told him. It never came up,” she said. “I remember thinking he was really cute. He had tousled hair. I thought, ‘Oh man, he is beautiful.’

He said, ‘What are you doing right now?’ I said, ‘Nothing really.’

“He grabbed my hand and we jumped in his limo and went straight to a recording studio. The Stones were there, I was in the background. I remember being in there for hours and hours.

‘Then I slept over at his apartment. I knew what I was doing. I was experimenting with Mick. I was having fun.”

Chong, now 58, said the sex was consensual – even though the age of consent in New York is 17. “My family and friends knew about it but it’s not something I have ever dined out on,” she said.

Chong, who first made the revelation during the taping of a Hollywood Reporter podcast, admitted the Rolling Stones frontman is likely not going to be pleased she is speaking up. – Source

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