14 02, 2021

He said she should do better the next time.

Another story today about how this now deceased foreign born A+ lister both solo and in a group, was not the nice guy people think, made me remember another. He basically made this A+ list singer/actress cry and shamed her for her suicide attempt and said she should do better the next time.

2 08, 2020

She was 15-16 year old

I'm constantly amazed that people still believe this former B+ list actress/singer offspring of a permanent A list singer started dating the permanent A+ lister when she was exactly 18, and not the 15-16 year old she really was when they started hooking up.

26 05, 2020

He has been transferring his assets into her bank account

This foreign born former celebrity is a blast from the past who all of you knew at the time. Once, she made one of the worst decisions ever when it came to a breakup which cost her millions of dollars. Now, she has found a much much older man and has been transferring his assets into her bank account.

14 02, 2020

People won’t say boo.

Even though there is more proof this foreign born permanent A+ list singer from a permanent A+ list band frequently had sex with very underage girls when he was in his 30's and 40's, people won't say boo.

28 12, 2017

4 blinds in a row

This foreign born old permanent A list singer from a permanent A list band has been apparently going condom free with his new hookup partner and wants to have his seemingly 34th child with as many different baby mothers. The eldest child of this A+ list mostly movie actress went to rehab for two weeks until the actress went and got the child because the actress said she missed the child and wanted the child back home. This A list country singer has been seeing a woman for the past couple of weeks who is definitely not his long time celebrity girlfriend who is just as high on the list. This married You Tube star/network reality star who got his start doing some crazy things in six seconds on Vine has been hooking up with a guy almost every weekend while he leaves his celebrity wife at home.

4 06, 2014

She finally backed off after that visit and a nice healthy check from her boyfriend’s dad.

This actress used to be A list. It was a brief run at the top of the list, but her time there imprinted her on the world and she still continues to enjoy A+ list name recognition even though her first movie was about 30 years ago. It is hard to believe it has been that long since she made her entrance. It was that same time period that also saw one of her first co-stars get his start in movies. He is A+ list now. Our actress always had a thing for guys who were bad boys. She was known as someone who wouldn't mind if you wanted to rough her up a little bit and she was supposedly very willing to do whatever any guy wanted. Some say she was abused as a teen which led to this type of relationship. Sometimes the guys got completely out of hand and she suffered her fair share of beatings.

17 03, 2014

Some people say she is hiding out at her home with medical professionals

She is not dead, or at least don't think she is dead. I think people would say something if she died although she has disappeared from the face of the earth and no one is saying much of anything right now. She is a C list celebrity but is A list in her own little corner of the celebrity world. Her boyfriend is a permanent A lister and has been cheating on her almost everyday for the past month which also adds fuel to the fire. They used to be inseparable. Now they are not only separated but he is having his way with groupies and celebrities and other people taller than him. There are reports she had a breakdown because he was cheating on her.