This married foreign born A list Victoria’s Secret model with child(ren) and a last name I can barely spell, let alone pronounce was at lunch this week.

I know, I know and apparently she did eat something.

Anyway she was wearing a very very short skirt.

And nothing underneath.

While she was sitting it rode up even more and some guys in suits were taking photos of her on their cell phones.

When she noticed what happened to her skirt and what the guys were doing she went over to them and noticed their wedding rings and asked whether they were going to show their wives the photos or if they would do the same thing with their wives there.

She then volunteered to call their wives if they wanted to let them use the phone and if the wives said it was ok, then she would let them keep the shots.

Instead, the guys deleted all the photos from their phones.

Doutzen Kroes


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