There are way more questions than answers about the foreign born A+ list athlete and what he knew and when.

They won’t kick him out of the sport for a year like another sports organization did with another A+ list athlete.

Shohei Ohtani – MLB

Michael Jordan – NBA

Here is what’s happening, first a visual:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers interpreter for Shohei Ohtani fired amid suspicion surrounding wire transfers.
  • Ippei Mizuhara, Ohtani’s longtime friend and interpreter, reportedly involved in $4.5 million gambling debt.
  • Questions arose after reporters investigated wire transfers from Ohtani’s account to a bookmaker under federal investigation.
  • Initially, Ohtani’s spokesman claimed transfers were to cover Mizuhara’s debt, but later disavowed Mizuhara’s account.
  • Ohtani’s lawyers stated Ohtani was a victim of theft and handed the matter to authorities.
  • Mizuhara’s statements changed; he initially claimed Ohtani knew about the transfers but later retracted, saying Ohtani was unaware.
  • Mizuhara and Ohtani are close friends beyond their professional relationship.
  • Mizuhara admitted to betting with Bowyer’s bookmaking operation, incurring significant losses.
  • Ohtani agreed to pay Mizuhara’s debt, sending wire transfers directly to the bookmaker’s associate.
  • Dodgers are in South Korea for a series; Mizuhara addressed the team, admitting fault and acknowledging a gambling addiction.
  • Dodgers’ performance operations manager, Will Ireton, temporarily took over Ohtani’s interpretation duties.
  • Ohtani signed a record $700 million contract with the Dodgers.
  • Bowyer’s operation is under investigation by federal authorities handling a larger illegal gambling case.
  • Former baseball player Wayne Nix pleaded guilty to operating an illegal gambling business; others, including Yasiel Puig, are involved in the case.
  • Scott Sibella, former president of Las Vegas casinos, pleaded guilty in connection to the illegal gambling operation.

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