This actress is probably no greater than B- and that is being very generous. Now that her show is off the air this mostly television actress is probably closer to C+. Ever since she has separated from her more famous mostly television actor husband she has been telling people the tales of their relationship.

She says that he would always verbally abuse her if she ate anything more than salad and at one point in their relationship she was about 100 pounds even though she is almost six feet tall because she just didn’t want to have him scream at her about eating. She so damaged her body from not eating for so long that she can’t seem to gain more than about twenty pounds and still looks frighteningly thin.

Our actress says that when he would cheat on her that he would tell her that she was the reason and that she should do things better and he would not cheat as much.

This of course made her scared to do anything and made her put up a wall of insecurity that still has not come down and that he would tell her the names of all the women he slept with so now when she sees them on television or movies it causes her to freak out and withdraw for days on end.

Jennifer Carpenter, Michael C. Hall


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