This mostly television actor was recently sharing a story with his bros about the last time he and his celebrity wife were intimate…completely ok with the horrified people all around him staring… They haven’t been intimate in weeks, and before then, the only way they would be intimate was after a night of drinking and Molly.

He’s told people it’s the ONLY way he can…uh…perform. **shudders** Well, the last time they were **pukes** intimate, was after she lavished him with some big purchases after a big fight, and they were on the make-up cycle of their relationship. So of course, they went out to dinner, got wasted, and did a little Molly before bed.

Molly must make you completely hallucinate, because he called out his ex’s name during the **heaves what’s left of lunch** act, and you would think she would get all pissed and go bananas, right? I mean, she HATES his ex with the heat of a thousand suns! Nope. His version of the story is that she went with it, and played the part. He said it was so good, he was actually shocked he woke up in his own bed the next morning.

Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville


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