This celebrity’s weight has always been the subject of a lot of gossip and headlines.

She goes up, she goes down, and it’s usually tied directly to what drug she is on at the time, (she goes through phases where it’s all about the ecstasy or it’s all about the adderall, always washed down with booze and a painkiller/Xanax chaser) most recently a dramatic weightloss that she can’t wait to have in the headlines as she boasts her new, super healthy lifestyle and the wonders it’s doing for her life.

Well, it’s not a super healthy lifestyle, I mean duh.

Can’t be on drugs when you’re trying to be healthy, but this takes her new bizarre behavior to a whole new level. A few weeks ago, a dancer turned her on to something called ‘chewing’ where our celebrity can eat whatever she wants, provided she spit it into a cup before she swallows it.

Now she has ‘The Cup’ go wherever she goes.

Including nice restaurants.

She’s not even discreet about it.

One source who was dining there at the same time as our celebrity noted the giant plastic orange cup coming out from under the table, the celebrity spitting into it, and the cup returning back under the table.

Sexy. It should be noted that these weren’t family dinners.

She was dining with two people, but not her family.

They’re enjoying their alone time.

LeAnn Rimes


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