The back in the day A list reality star who once again is in our faces all the time, doesn’t even share a bedroom with her new husband.


Paris Hilton

Carter Reum

Kathy Hilton Calls Paris Hilton’s Husband A ‘Groomzilla’

Kathy Hilton has a bone to pick with her new son-in-law Carter Reum.

Paris Hilton and her mother dropped by “The Tonight Show” to chat with Jimmy Fallon about life advice for audience members.

When a submitted question about travel came up, Kathy suggested “the octopus” and “Groomzilla” Reum sent it in.

Paris went on to explain her mother coined the nickname “because he’s got his mitts into everything” as he was so busy – a trait that came up during the wedding planning for the couple.

“She goes, ‘Mommy, he means well,’” Kathy said of her daughter’s reaction to her complaints. “But he was offending me. He was calling the cake place. He was calling the band. He was calling the party planner, the hotels, everything. I said, ‘This is not normal.’ He even picked out the invitation and the save the date cards.”

Paris argued, “He’s just very responsible, very organized, and we’re not.” – Source

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