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Bai Ling

Jack Ma

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Jack Ma’s terrible week

This week should have made Jack Ma China’s richest man again, and the stock market debut of his company Ant Group should have been the largest ever.

Things didn’t quite go according to plan though.

Ant was set for a dual listing on Thursday in Hong Kong and Shanghai worth about $34.4bn (£26.5bn).

Instead, the listing was suspended after a last-minute grilling from China’s financial regulators.

Mr Ma’s shares were reportedly worth about $17bn, and would have taken his net worth to roughly $80bn.

“This deal was not only cleared for take-off, the wheels were literally off the ground,” says Drew Bernstein, co-managing partner at Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuk, which advises Chinese companies.

Some analysts saw the move as an attempt by Beijing to humble a company that had become too powerful and a leader who had become too outspoken.

So how had Mr Ma – a man who came from meagre beginnings to become a symbol of China’s potential and its growing technological strength – become a threat?
Rags to riches

Mr Ma raised the ire of Chinese government officials at a financial technology conference last month in Shanghai, where he likened China’s state-dominated banking sector to “pawn shops” and lamented their lack of innovation.

In some ways it was vintage Jack Ma, according to Duncan Clark, the author of Alibaba: The House that Jack Ma Built.

“This is not the first time he’s gone off the leash. He just doesn’t like to follow a particular script or narrative. And he likes to be provocative, like any great storyteller,” he says.

And like many great storytellers, he often draws on autobiographical detail. He tells his own story as a tale of perseverance, but he never omits his failures and struggles.

He grew up poor in Hangzhou, struggled in school and failed his university entrance exams twice. When he tried to get work, he was knocked back by dozens of employers. He applied to Harvard 10 times, but never got in.

Perhaps most famously, he applied to work at KFC, only to discover later that of the 24 people they interviewed, he was the only one that didn’t get a job.

He passed his university entrance exam at the third attempt and went to teachers college. He stayed on for several years afterwards as an English teacher. And it was on a trip to the US as a translator that he first discovered the internet.

After one failed internet venture, he founded Alibaba in 1999 with loans of $60,000 he cobbled together from friends.

Alibaba went on to enormous success, dominating Chinese e-commerce and raising $21.8bn in its own initial share sale in 2014. He formally retired from Alibaba last year. – Source

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