11 Mar, 2022

They are forced on whatever algorithm you might be on.

There are foreign born twin sisters who are extremely popular on TikTok. They are forced on whatever algorithm you might be on. They are also mistresses to two of the most powerful leaders in the country where they live. An actress who has been a long time friend of the site saw one of them sitting in the lap of one of the men at a party and she might as well have been naked.

25 Dec, 2021

The government might just kill the athlete

A long time actress friend of the site who knows first hand how to play the game in her home country and over the years has had to have s.e.x. with a number of men she really didn't want, but did so to keep her career going and her lifestyle, says at some point, the government might just kill the athlete because otherwise all of this is going to continue to linger.

28 Jan, 2021

He is not on complete lockdown.

According to the long long time foreign born actress friend of the site, this foreign born billionaire still has access to his long time actress mistress, so he is not on complete lockdown.

16 Jan, 2021

A Little Help

I have never been shy about letting you know about this A list mostly movie actress (Gwyneth Paltrow) and how she slept her way to the top with the disgraced producer. Have you noticed how her downfall mirrors his? Anyway, in addition to sleeping with the large hairy man, she also used her fame to find women who would sleep with him.

26 Nov, 2020

Parties outside of US waters

According to this foreign born actress/long time friend of the site, this very wealthy Chinese businessman who has been in the news the past couple of months uses his yacht for underage se.x parties outside of US waters and is known in his home country for paying top dollar for virgins.

29 Oct, 2020

He said he feared for his life before he died.

According to this long long time foreign born actress friend of the site, the last time she slept with this foreign born film producer to get some financing for a movie she was making, he said that he feared for his life. I guess he was right.

19 Oct, 2019

She can’t even fathom how many ended up dead after beatings or overdoses.

Over the years I have told you about a foreign born actress I know who has also spent a lot of time in the adult entertainment business and modeling, all throughout Europe, but primarily in France. Although very difficult to sometimes track down because of her work which often involves turning off a cell phone or leaving it with someone for a week at a time before being returned, I finally was able to reach her. She has always been a good source, more for information that gives background or who the big players are in the yachting world, or actresses and celebrities she sees participating in yachting.

27 Mar, 2019

3 blinds in a row

My favorite foreign born former A- list mostly movie actress/frequent red carpet flasher turned B-/C+ list actress/reality star is back boozing again. Never a good sign. / Apparently, this A list singer/wannabe A- list mostly movie actor/frequent talk show guest is meh about trying to save his marriage. / This foreign born A-/B+ list singer with the initialed name just got off tour with an A+ lister and is probably going to invite the wrath of lawyers if she keeps whispering the dirty laundry of the singer while out and about around town.

7 May, 2018

This probably won’t turn out well.

This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress who has dabbled in reality television designed to get her sober is back boozing it again after a long period of sobriety. This probably won't turn out well.

8 Sep, 2013

Tweener grew more and more uncomfortable before finally fleeing

This celebrity is probably still a solid B+ with A list name recognition. She was on one of the most famous television shows ever and has also done a lot of reality television. She also has hooked up with some really interesting people, but last night could have been the most interesting. Our do everything celebrity and a B- list actress who is not known for being shy were sitting at the same table as this A list tweener who is a bit of a goody goody.