Kindness: Never let it be said that I am not fair to people.

I don’t like this reality star turned singer turned actress but she did good so deserves to be recognized.

The actress, and I use that term loosely and if you have seen her movies you would too, although I am hoping you saved your money helped out a homeless man the other day.

As our actress walked by the guy he was having a seizure and several other people had walked by or pretended not to notice.

Our actress ran over to the guy and held him down so he wouldn’t hurt himself and seemed to know exactly what she was doing and stopped some guy who was walking down the street and told him to call 911. The guy walking down the street mimed that he was on a call and couldn’t but the next person did.

That person who did stop to call 911 also said that she heard the actress say she knew where the other guy worked and was going to call his boss and tell him what an a-hole he was about the situation.

The ambulance came and I don’t know what happened to the homeless guy except the paramedics said he would be fine.

Julianne Hough


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