This C-list celebrity with A-list name recognition just won’t give it a rest.

They will save face at all costs, even if the rest of the world knows what a lout their spouse is.

There could be hard, photographic evidence of this person cheating, and our celebrity would be staging their signature ‘happy family’ photo ops in the next breath.

They should cut them loose, but they never will.

Well, the holidays were a terse time in that ‘happy’ household.

Their spouse spent most of their time with their kids from another relationship and their friends, and barely paid attention to the celebrity trying desperately to have just one last holiday together. The celeb even went and got the spouse’s children from another relationship incredibly extravagant gifts and wrote ‘From Mom and Dad’ on the gift tags.

This caused a huge row with the spouse’s family because as much as the kids love the celebrity, they have no respect for boundaries.

The night ended with the celebrity locked in their bedroom, and everyone going back to the home of the spouse’s family.

The family vacation will go on as planned, but the spouse will have separate quarters for themselves and the kids.

Not Tori and Dean.

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibriani


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