This long-deceased dictator is remembered as a paranoid and brutal mass murderer, responsible for millions of deaths.

In his mid 30s, about a decade before he came to power, he fathered a child with a 13-year-old girl.

She was younger than the legal age of consent in that country, even at that time.

The location was remote, and he pledged to marry the girl, so he escaped criminal charges, due to the wishes of the girl’s family. The child died shortly after it was born.

Two years later, our future leader got the girl pregnant again.

He fled the village, abandoning the girl and his child for the rest of his life.

The details were only revealed after his death, about 4 decades later.

Joseph Stalin

Siberia, Russia

Lidia Pereprygina

Stalin’s Love Affair With 13 Years Old Girl From Siberia

In 1914, as a punishment for his revolutionary activities, Stalin was exiled to the small Siberian village of Kureika. The village had less than a hundred people who lived in eight wooden cottages. Among them were seven orphans from the same family — the Pereprygins. The youngest of the children was thirteen-year-old Lidia.

Lidia fell in love with a young and rebellious stranger. She provided him with boots and proper clothing to survive in the harsh environment. Soon, thirty-five years old Stalin began an affair with Lidia.

“He wore white underwear and a sailor striped vest.”

— Lidia Pereprygina

The villagers were shocked. Even though the girls in Siberia matured early, the official age of consent was fourteen. The bigger shock came late in 1914 when it became clear Lidia was pregnant. Consequently, Stalin moved into the Pereprygin’s humble two-room cottage.

Lidia’s brothers were angry at Stalin and refused to eat with him. Only after he promised to marry Lidia once she came of age, they accepted him.

In December 1914, Lidia gave birth to a girl who died soon afterward.

Stalin spent the next two years in Kureika. He learned how to hunt and fish, he socialized with the villagers. He loved to drink, dance, and sing.

In 1916, Lidia became pregnant again. However, this time, during the summer, Stalin simply disappeared without saying goodbye to his pregnant girlfriend.

In April 1917, Lidia gave birth to a son Alexander. Stalin knew about him, but he never contacted neither supported his Siberian son.

Lidia married a local fisherman, Yakov Davydov, who adopted Alexander as his own son. She worked as a hairdresser and had eight more children. Only years later, Lidia told Alexander the truth about his father.

The secret of Stalin’s illegitimate family survived to the present day, as did his descendants. In 2016, one of his grandsons, Yuri Davydov, did the DNA test that confirmed he was indeed Stalin’s close relative. – Source

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