Digging through some old money heirs gossip and totally forgot about the department store heir who hooked up with a teen beginning when she was about 14.

Then when her benefactor died she started raising hell and was going to name names to get some money.

Then she was murdered by her roommate and all of her notes couldn’t be found.


Hair: Alfred S. Bloomingdale

Teen: Vicki Morgan

Vicki Morgan – Bloomingdale Mistress Bludgeoned to Death – 1983

Vicki Morgan, known for her $11 million palimony lawsuit against Alfred Bloomingdale, a friend of President and Mrs. Reagan, met a tragic end in Los Angeles when she was brutally attacked with a baseball bat.

Her roommate, Marvin Pancoast, confessed to the crime at a North Hollywood police station at 3:20 a.m. He revealed that the fatal blow was struck during a heated argument over finances while she slept. Morgan’s lifeless body was found on a bed, with the bloody baseball bat nearby. Pancoast, 33 years old, was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of murder.

A former model and actress, Vicki Morgan hadn’t worked since filing her lawsuit against Bloomingdale a year ago. She and Pancoast had lived together for only three weeks before planning to move into separate apartments on the day of the tragedy.

The court had previously dismissed a significant portion of her lawsuit, characterizing her relationship with Bloomingdale as that of a wealthy, married man and his well-paid mistress. Morgan also sought $1 million under contracts Bloomingdale signed while hospitalized, but the impact of her death on the pending trial remains uncertain.

Vicki Morgan leaves behind a 14-year-old son, Todd, who was visiting his grandmother at the time of the incident.

Bloomingdale’s mistress released a shocking 231-page deposition

Vicki Morgan, former mistress of Alfred Bloomingdale, released a shocking 231-page deposition on Monday, making disturbing allegations about her experiences with the late adviser to President Reagan. She described Bloomingdale as having a sadistic and split personality, engaging in sexual rituals involving the binding and beating of nude prostitutes.

In the document, Morgan revealed her involvement in sessions where Bloomingdale tied up and struck women, making them crawl on the floor. This deposition was submitted in support of her $11 million palimony lawsuit against Bloomingdale.

Morgan’s suit claimed that she acted as a therapist to help Bloomingdale overcome his ‘Marquis de Sade’ complex, a desire for sexual gratification through inflicting pain on others.

The transcript also detailed Morgan’s affair with Bloomingdale, a prominent figure in Reagan’s inner circle, which began when she was 17 and he persistently pursued her until she became his mistress.

One disturbing encounter described by Morgan involved arriving at a house in the Hollywood Hills with Bloomingdale, where they encountered two naked women. Allegedly, Bloomingdale beat the women until they cried, after which he had sexual relations with Morgan.

Morgan admitted that she sometimes beat the women herself, while Bloomingdale watched and exhibited peculiar behavior, such as sitting on their backs and drooling.

Despite her fear, Morgan found herself captivated by Bloomingdale’s charisma, making it difficult for her to leave him, considering him the most fascinating man she had ever met.

The attorneys for the Bloomingdale estate did not deny the affair but argued that any financial arrangements were akin to ‘contracts for prostitution,’ thus not legally binding. The suit’s dismissal was pending a ruling from a Superior Court judge.

The disclosed details in the deposition offer a disturbing insight into Vicki Morgan’s relationship with Alfred Bloomingdale, raising questions about the complex nature of their connection and the disturbing allegations of sadistic behavior.

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