At some point, she turned.

What I find absolutely fascinating about all this, is that she knew what was going to happen in the world and that she probably wouldn’t get paid for a long time for what she did.

Literally six weeks prior to the world shutting down, she takes care of her business.

She had debts and found a guy to sleep with her who paid them all off.

For nearly a decade, this foreign born actress/celebrity was the go between. She was the one who passed messages and codes and believed in him when no one else really did.

She slept with him and assumed she was the only one doing so.

Of course, she was wrong about that.

He used her, much the same way he used many of the women in his life.

She would start seeing a new man and then he would cut her off and she would be so desperate for his attention or love that she would dump the guy and fly across the world to see him for an hour or two each day she was there.

She was a 5,000 mile booty call.

At some point, she began to realize it.

It was at that point, she was approached by a man from a government agency who wanted some help.

In return for making some very heavy duty tax problems go away, would she tell them everything she knew about her friend and also be willing to set him up.

She would.

To do this of course, she would need to be closer.

No problem the government man said, and the next thing she knew, she was living with a man overseas and pretending to be a very lovely couple.

This went on for the entirety of the time she was working directly for the government to try and arrange a way for the man to be killed or kidnapped.

When it became obvious that the friend no longer wanted to see her, there was no more use for her.

So, she had a very public breakup and stormed back home.

Pamela Anderson

Julian Assange

Adil Rami
French professional footballer

Lawyer: Julian Assange suffers from autism and could commit suicide if sent to United States

A lawyer for Julian Assange told a British court Wednesday that the WikiLeaks founder is suffering from an autism disorder that could drive him to suicide were he extradited to the United States to face trial for publishing classified documents.

“This is someone suffering from a mental disorder who would find [extradition] unbearable because of his Asperger’s,” said Edward Fitzgerald, a British barrister representing Assange during the opening day of a two-day hearing on the high-profile case. “And that’s a direct result of what he describes as rumination of his predicament, increasing his anxiety, worsening his condition of imprisonment, that would lead to his attempt of suicide being higher.”

The case before the British appellate court has taken on new urgency for Assange’s defenders in recent weeks, after a Yahoo News story disclosed that the CIA under its then director, Mike Pompeo, in 2017 developed plans to kidnap Assange from the Ecuadorean Embassy — and even discussed options for assassinating him — following WikiLeaks’ publication of documents disclosing details of the agency’s highly sensitive “Vault 7” hacking tools.

In court papers filed with the court and released Wednesday, Assange’s lawyers cited the Yahoo News story as further grounds for the British courts to reject the U.S. government’s request for extradition. “In short, there is a large and cogent body of extraordinary and unprecedented evidence … that the CIA has declared Mr Assange as a ‘hostile’ ‘enemy’ of the USA, one which poses ‘very real threats to our country’, and seeks to ‘revenge’ him with significant harm (beyond the fact of his prosecution),” his lawyers wrote.

In fact, as the Yahoo News story reported, neither the plans to abduct Assange nor the internal talk of assassinating him moved forward after senior lawyers at the Trump White House raised objections to some of Pompeo’s plans. But other aggressive measures targeting Assange and WikiLeaks were undertaken, including undercover surveillance of him inside the embassy and intercepting the communications of his associates. (While spokespersons for the CIA and other U.S. agencies have declined to comment on Yahoo News’ reporting, Pompeo recently told Megyn Kelly’s podcast that “pieces of it are true” but also that the sources who spoke to the news organization should be criminally prosecuted for disclosing classified information.) – Source

Pamela Anderson splits from soccer player Adil Rami, calls him a ‘monster’

Pamela Anderson announced that she has split from soccer star Adil Rami in a disturbing post on Tuesday in which she called him a cheating “monster” — and linked to a domestic violence hotline.

“It’s hard to accept,” the 51-year-old former “Baywatch” star wrote on Instagram next to a loved-up black-and-white photo with the French sportsman.

“The last (more than) 2.years of my life have been a big lie. I was scammed, led to believe … we were in « big love »,” she wrote. “I’m devastated to find out in the last few days that he was living a double life.”

The actress claimed World Cup winner Rami, 33, a central defender who plays for Marseille, would joke about other soccer stars who had mistresses “in apartments close to their wives,” saying, “He called those men monsters.”

“But this is worse. He lied to all,” she wrote.

“How is it possible to control 2 women’s hearts and minds like this. I’m sure there were others,” Anderson penned, later insisting Rami “is the monster.” – Source

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