There was an interesting last-minute change to the cast of Dancing With The Stars that very few people know about. One of the cast members was supposed to be a male reality star who is no longer on television on a regular basis. His contract was this close to being signed. However, when his ex found out that he was going to be joining the cast… she started making calls to try to prevent him from being on the show! Why would she do that? To punish him! She feels that his fame came from her hard work. Since he betrayed her, she has succeeded in making sure that he suffers for it, every single day. He has gone from player to pauper since they split. He can’t keep a job, and has been through a half dozen jobs in the past few years, each more menial than the next. She likes the fact that his reputation has suffered and that he has been struggling without her! She wants to make sure that everyone knows that she is the better parent, she is the better breadwinner, and that she is the better person. Keeping him off of TV, and keeping him away from a regular paycheck is just her latest punishment. It was easy for her to start a telephone campaign to keep him off DWTS. It worked, too. At the last minute, another man (a rather unlikely contestant) was substituted in for her ex.

Male Reality Star: Jon Gosselin
His Ex: Kate Gosselin
Male Substitute Contestant: Bill Nye The Science Guy


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