This reality star is A list.

If she wasn’t A list I probably wouldn’t bother writing about her.

She also has A list or higher name recognition.

She also has a coke problem that is out of control.

It’s funny how you only ever hear about one side of the story.

Apparently Adderall doesn’t do anything for her except make her jumpy and unable to sleep.

She was gaining weight and getting mocked so she started back down her coke road again.

She gets it from one of the guys she used to cheat on her former significant other with.

When you see them together you know a deal went down and she enjoyed some with him too. And by deal I mean he gives it to her.

She never pays.

Well, she pays in other ways.

And pays and pays.

She tried to kick the habit recently because there was so much press around her, but she is hooked and went back for more and will keep going back for more until she hits rehab.

Just like a lot of her life, the rest of her co-stars have no idea what she does away from the cameras.

Snooki, Kelly Osborne, Khloé Kardashian


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