This yachter didn’t say which of her “matchmakers” wanted her to extort the foreign born A+ list tennis player who most players on the tour hate.

It was actually the mafia who then were going to use the recording to get him to throw a match or two.

They are the same group behind several thrown women’s matches in 2019.

Novak Djokovic


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Model Natalija Scekic: I was offered $70,000 for Novak Djokovic sextortion plot

Serbian model Natalija Scekic has revealed a bombshell extortion plot designed to ruin tennis star Novak Djokovic’s life.

Scekic has gone public with claims she was contacted to attend a meeting and assumed it was to discuss a business opportunity.

However, she says, the meeting was nothing more than an attempt to lure her into becoming involved in a hidden-camera sex film with the world No. 1 tennis star.

The popular Instagram star has given a tell-all interview with European magazine Svet&Scandal in which she reveals she was offered $70,000 to seduce the 33-year-old.

She says the plot included her being filmed having sex with Djokovic purely to ruin his marriage.

“It is true that a guy contacted me. I know him from (London) and I considered him a serious guy,” Scekic says in the interview.

“I am familiar with their work and they were good. When he asked me for a date, I thought it was for a business matter. However, as the conversation progressed, I saw that it had nothing to do with my life.

“I thought it was a hidden camera when he told me that I had to seduce Novak and film it, but not to worry about that because he was already taking care of that.

“He told me I could get about 60,000 euros for that and a trip wherever I wanted. I laughed, expecting him to say it was a joke, but the man was very serious. I felt very offended and humiliated. They were really preparing a hell of a plan. I was told to take Novak somewhere to an intimate place and film it all.”

She said she was angered by the offer and stormed out.

“At that moment I thought of hitting him, throwing water on him, but I restrained myself because we were in a public place,” she said. “I gathered my things and left. I hope he didn’t find a girl who wants to do that, because it’s not fair to Novak.

“He is our best ambassador, an exemplary man, a family man. For someone to seduce him like that for money, or at least try to …”

She said she hopes speaking out publicly stops the operation progressing with another woman. The revelation follows years of rumors that have followed Djokovic and his marriage with wife Jelena.

Their seven-year marriage has previously been hit by rumors of his alleged infidelity.

Djokovic has repeatedly denied the allegations and did so again in 2020. – Source

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