Important And Complicated:

This blind item should realistically have been written by a reporter.

It is filled with names and facts and dates and documentation.

I could post it myself as an article, but I have enough issues with this particular group bugging me on a daily basis.

If any reporters do want all the information with names and dates, you know how to get in touch with me. To make this work, I am going to number every person involved and at the end give a description of that person rather than during the blind itself.

#1 had an employee.

Prior to her(#2) becoming #1’s employee she dated a very very very close person (#3) to #1.

The person at the time was way underage.

Like, as in not driving underage. #2 was about a decade older.

#2 raped #3 on an almost daily basis with the tacit permission of the parents of #3.

They thought it was important to the development of #3.

At some point, #2 decided to move on.

The night she did so she went and had sex with #1.

They continued to have sex even when #1 had a long term girlfriend (#4).

It was during that period that #1 hired her as an employee.

At some point during the relationship between #1 and #4, he raped her.

#2 knew about the rape.

#2 also knew about another rape committed by #1.

How? That particular victim (#5) was the best friend of #2.

Oh, and #2 also knew about another rape committed by #1 because that victim (#6) came to #2 in confidence.

Of course #2 was still sleeping with #1 so she told him everything.

AT some point, #5 filed a police report about the rape.

At that point, #1 transferred all of his properties into a trust ( I have the paperwork and documentation but not going to name the name of the trust).

The trustee of that trust was #2.

When #5 made a deal, the trust was dissolved and everything went back into the name of #1.

#1 then rewarded #2 by giving her cash and property totaling about $1.5M.

During this period, #2 was making life miserable for the victims and also having a child with #7.

#1 – A-/B+ list mostly television actor who does other things in entertainment. – Danny Masterson

#2 – The description in the blind is about all I have. – Alanna Masterson

#3 – B-/C+ list mostly television actor. – Christopher Masterson

#4 – An actress/celebrity no one really would know. – Scientologist

#5 – Doesn’t want to be identified. – Scientologist

#6 – Doesn’t want to be identified. – Scientologist

#7 – B list mostly movie actor.

The Walking Dead actress, who plays Tara of The Walking Dead, has welcomed her first child with boyfriend Brick Stowell, a daughter named Marlowe. Masterson and Stowell announced the news on Instagram.- 2015

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