There was talk last year about securing a new “girlfriend” for this famous young actor.

Neither of the two original candidates worked out… but there is now a third candidate who is close to contract!

The identity of the new “girlfriend” is a closely-guarded secret… but we’re going to let you in on it!

It’s the beautiful dark-haired actress who costars with him in an upcoming movie!

They are going to do a “trial run” in [a foreign country] in May.

[The actor and actress] are being sent out together to promote the movie AND tease the relationship.

If they are convincing, the contract will be for six months to one year.

The contract is longer than the usual three months for two reasons.

The first reason is the franchise potential.

The studio really wants this to become a franchise.

If they are convincing as an off-screen couple, that helps the chances of it becoming a franchise.

They will both receive a big bonus from the studio if they can help lock in the sequel, plus they will both be guaranteed roles in the next film with a bump in salary from the first installment.

The second reason is that the actor also has another great big film to promote much later this year.

While our actress is not in that one, it would be helpful from a publicity standpoint to have her accompany him to promotional events for that film as well.

Watch our actor and actress over the next month to see what happens!

Zac Efron
Alexandra Daddario
Movie: Baywatch


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