This A list singer turned A- list actress finished shooting a movie and then went really overboard with the treatments to her face and lips.

She can’t even move any muscles in her face.

Lady Gaga

@ladygaga These NEUTRALS are HOT LIKE THIS RECORD 💄💋 @HausLabs ♬ Princess Diana – Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj

Fans think Lady Gaga is unrecognizable in new TikTok: ‘Who is this?’

Lady Gaga is being mistaken for Miley Cyrus in her latest TikTok, with many labeling the Oscar winner “unrecognizable.”

In Wednesday’s short video, which was set to the tune of “Princess Diana” by Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj, the “Just Dance” hitmaker twirled around in a black tank top while holding several HausLabs products.

“These NEUTRALS are HOT LIKE THIS RECORD 💄💋 @HausLabs (Grrrrrrr…I’m wearing maple matte 😉),” the songwriter wrote in the caption.

“this might not be lady gaga?? am i crazy,” one fan commented on the social media upload, while another compared the footage to “Miley Cyrus cosplaying as Lady Gaga.” – Source

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