This foreign born CEO was once one of the world’s wealthiest people.

He was essentially held prisoner in his home for months until he signed over about 90% of his wealth to a “corporation.”

The corporation consists of a group of top leaders of this foreign government.

He thinks he will not be the last to be forced to do so.

Jack Ma
Alibaba Group


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He is not on complete lockdown. – Read here

News outlets noted a lack of public appearances from Ma between October 2020 and January 2021, coinciding with a regulatory crackdown on his businesses.

The Financial Times reported that the disappearance may have been connected to a speech given at the annual People’s Bank of China financial markets forum, in which Ma criticized China’s regulators and banks.

In November 2020, the Financial Times reported the abrupt cancellation of the Ant Group’s anticipated initial public offering (IPO) after an intervention by financial regulators.

According to Chinese bankers and officials, financial stability was the objective behind the intervention.

Some commentators speculated that Ma may have been a victim of forced disappearance, while others speculated that he could be voluntarily lying low.

Ma made a public appearance again on 20 January 2021, speaking via video link to a group of rural teachers at a charitable event, the annual Rural Teacher Initiative.

In February 2021, Bloomberg reported that he was seen golfing at the Sun Valley Golf Resort in the Chinese island of Hainan.

In October 2021 Reuters reported Ma was on the Spanish island of Mallorca shopping at a local store.

His superyacht was anchored in the Port of Andratx. – Source

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