Maybe he has given himself permission to have beers now, but this A- list actor should still probably not let his wife know.

I don’t think she is on the same page.

Dax Shepard

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Dax Shepard Was “Crazy Superstitious” About Doing This Every Day to Stay Sober

Dax Shepard is a beloved actor, comedian, podcast host, and writer—and in his personal life, he’s also a husband, father, and recovering addict. Ever since first getting sober in 2004, the star has used his platform as a Hollywood A-lister to share his experiences in recovery. Now, he’s revealing the one thing he was “crazy superstitions” about when he first got sober. Read on to find out Shepard’s perspective on his complicated journey through addiction, and to learn why this one daily practice helped keep him on track.

Shepard has struggled with multiple addictions throughout his life.

Shepard has been open about his battle with addiction and his 18-year effort to stay sober. In 2012, he told Playboy (via People) that in addition to excessive drinking, he regularly took “cocaine, opiates, marijuana, diet pills, pain pills, everything” before turning his life around.

The Parenthood actor explained that he would get sober to act in movies, but then immediately revert to his old ways, plunging deeper into addiction each time a film wrapped. “In between movies it was getting more and more dangerous,” he told Blake Griffith, host of the podcast The Pursuit of Healthiness (via People).

While not his most frightening moment as an addict, he also shared the moment in 2004 when he knew he needed to address the problems underlying his addiction: “I am about to star in this movie, Zathura; they’re paying me a ton of money; people recognize me at the airport. I’m doing everything I had dreamt of doing for 30 years. It all came true, and I’m the least happy I’ve ever been in my life. I’m closest to not wanting to be alive as I’ve ever been, and I had every single thing on paper that I’d ever wanted. I feel grateful for this because I was able to say, ‘Something much more profound is broken.'”
Shepard says he became “crazy superstitious” about doing this after he got sober.

When he first got sober, Shepherd says he became “crazy superstitious” about keeping a journal. “I had this thought that if I can’t commit 20 minutes to remembering I’m an addict each morning, I’m going to end up blowing nine hours a day as an addict,” he told Gwyneth Paltrow in a 2019 interview for The Goop Podcast. “I have to be able to say, minimally, this is your commitment. You’ve got to acknowledge you’re an addict every day, first thing, right when you wake up, you write a page,” he said. “It doesn’t even have to be about being an addict. It’s just this physical activity there to remind myself, ‘I have a thing that I’ll never not have.'” – Source

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