Despite being best friends with the rapist’s sister for years and pressure from the actor who couldn’t wait until she turned 18, this former Disney actress/singer couldn’t be persuaded to write a statement in support of the actor because she knew first hand how creepy he is.

Alanna Masterson

Danny Masterson

Hilary Duff

Alanna Masterson, Danny’s sister faces backlash for intimidating victim during trial

Alanna Masterson has come under fire on Instagram following the posting of certain pictures, drawing sharp criticism from some users.

One comment on her friend Hilary Duff’s photo stood out, with a user sarcastically remarking, “Yasss queen of witness intimidation??”

Another commenter expressed their astonishment, saying, “Wow, friends with someone who intimidated her brother’s rape victim. Just wow!”

The victim came forward with harrowing details of her ordeal, revealing, “I didn’t choose to be born into Scientology and their rules, just as I didn’t choose to be r*ped by Danny Masterson.”

While providing her testimony, the vitcim experienced a panic attack, leading her to flee to the bathroom accompanied by her DA advocate, Rosario.

Inside the bathroom, overwhelmed and struggling to breathe, she expressed her desperation. It was during this vulnerable moment that she encountered Alanna Masterson, the sister of Danny Masterson

Alanna’s presence in the bathroom was unwelcome smiling at me, as there was insufficient space or privacy for her to address her emotional distress adequately. – Source

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