Old Hollywood

Back in the days of Old Hollywood there were a lot of out of wedlock babies.

Had to avoid scandal at all costs.

This actress, who actually got her start entertaining men for money became a permanent A list television actress.

An icon.

After she married her actor husband they spent a lot of time apart making money and trying to make it big separately and together.

There was a period about five years before our actress hit it big that she was working on Broadway while her husband was doing other work.

Our actress had an affair with a man and became pregnant. She refused to see her husband for almost the entire pregnancy and he had no idea she gave birth to a girl.

That girl was taken care of for the rest of her life by our actress.

Our actress made personal contact a couple of times, but for the most part just made regular cash contributions to the “parents” of the child.

The “parents” were old friends of the actress and she made sure they didn’t have to work the rest of their lives.

All she wanted was for her daughter to be given the best life possible.

The daughter died at a fairly young age and the money stopped.

The granddaughter has been trying to establish she is in the family line to make sure her family is also taken care of.

Lucille Ball

Husband: Desi Arnaz

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