This married A/A- list mostly movie actor who has a first and last name that are both first names, recently passed on a massive project because he didn’t want to spend months apart from his lover.

Oscar Isaac


Exclusive: Oscar Isaac Passes on “Godfather” Director Francis Ford Coppola’s$120 Mil “Megalopolis,” Director Wants to Shoot This Fall

DOUBLE EXCLUSIVE: LAST NIGHT I learned that Oscar Isaac, long rumored to star in Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis, has passed on making the film. So the search is on to find a new star of Coppola’s $120 million epic which the famed director wants to shoot this fall.

Isaac is currently starring in Marvel’s “Moon Knight” on Disney Plus, just came off a big year with “Scenes from a Marriage” on HBO, and “Dune.” He is always working. Perhaps he couldn’t fit “Megalopolis” into his busy schedule.

Earlier I wrote: Coppola is celebrating the 50th anniversary of “The Godfather” this week. He got his star on the Walk of Fame today, and on Sunday he and the cast and producer Al Ruddy will be honored at the Academy Awards.

Let’s face it, “The Godfather” and “The Godfather II” are the best movies since “Citizen Kane.”

Now I’m told Coppola will start shooting his next blockbuster in September. The shoot will go from September through January, largely in New York, on sound stages, and maybe in Europe.

The stars of “Megalopolis” are said to be Oscar Isaac — playing architect who wants to reimagine New York, as well as Zendaya, Cate Blanchett, and Michelle Pfeiffer among others. – Source

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