When this former bird CEO and permanent A list rapper get finished, they will have developed the world’s largest MLM scheme.

Jack Dorsey


Jay-Z and Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Grant $$$ in Bitcoin to Marcy Houses Residents

Residents of the Marcy housing projects in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York are waking up one thousand dollars richer this weekend following the completion of a cryptocurrency training hosted by Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey. According to Okay Player, the rapper turned entrepreneur and former Twitter CEO launched The Bitcoin Academy in June, offering Marcy Houses residents an opportunity to learn more about the place of crypto in the current financial landscape, as well as other tools for financial planning and investing.

The three month program is now concluding with all participants (close to 350 in total) receiving nearly one thousand dollars in Bitcoin, which per Business Insider, is personally being funded by Jay-Z and Dorsey themselves. The payments were immediately distributed via Cash App, Muun Wallet, and a handful of other self-custodial digital wallets.

With the success of the inaugural program in Bed-Stuy, The Bitcoin Academy is set to launch in other neighborhoods in the next year. – Source

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