There is nothing Hollywood celebrities like to do more than rewrite their own personal history.

The thing is, a decade or two ago, you could still do that kind of thing.

Today’s media/social media makes that almost impossible.

This is history that probably would never have some out if the former A+ lister was not feeling reflective of his cocaine and hooker past.

Lets go back in time to when the former A+ lister was spending time with this at the time A list mostly television actress turned frequent rehab guest.

The A list actress introduced him to one of her co-stars.

It turns out though, he already had the pleasure of her company a few years earlier when she was in the employ of the same person who employed his future wife.

The three then enjoyed a threesome.

He added an epilogue to the tale.

Later down the road our actor and his then wife filmed a movie together and cast the co-star in a bit role so the three could enjoy threesomes together on the set.

Charlie Sheen

A list mostly television actress: Heather Locklear

Employed by: Heidi Fleiss

Future wife: Denise Richards

Heather Locklear and Charlie Sheen Were Pals Before Denise Richards Was in the Picture

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Part 3 tell-all was extremely tense between former friends turned enemies Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards. When Lisa felt attacked after the mother-of-three insinuated that she was a “bad friend,” the reality star brought up another feud between Denise and fellow actress Heather Locklear.

“To bring that up, really? She was friends with my ex-husband, come on. Now you’re grasping at straws,” Denise snapped back. So, what was the relationship between Heather and Denise’s ex Charlie Sheen? Keep reading to find out more.

Though the two reportedly never dated, Heather and Charlie were friends in the ’90s after appearing on the sitcom Spin City together and Money Talks. The Melrose Place star also appeared on an episode of the actor’s show Two and a Half Men.

In 2015, Charlie announced that he was HIV-positive, and his former co-star / friend posted a heartfelt message on Instagram. “My heart hurts,” she captioned an Instagram pic of the two posing on the red carpet together. “Prayers for Charlie and his family.”

When Lisa told Andy Cohen and the rest of the viewers to “Google” why Heather and Denise were no longer friends. Well, we immediately followed her advice. In 2006, Heather filed for divorce from then-husband Richie Sambora, and just a few months later Denise began dating the guitarist.

According to Denise, their romantic relationship began after Richie’s split from Heather. She told Entertainment Tonight in 2006 that a relationship was “the last thing [she] was looking for,” adding, “it’s true when they say things happen when you least expect it.”

Denise also claimed that she and Heather were not “best friends,” telling the outlet, “She was a close friend in the last couple of years. I hadn’t known her my whole life (like) people (are) portraying this.” She also insisted that the two got together following the end of their marriages, saying, “We didn’t meddle in marriages and anything like that.” – Source

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