The thing is the former A+ list rapper can’t get his girlfriend to do the things in public he can get his “wife” to do, so she will always just be someone on the side who loves being with the rapper because her social media boyfriend isn’t famous enough and she has also complained about his size down there.

Plus, she wants a new BBL and he won’t pay for it but the rapper will.

Kanye West

Mikaela Lafuente

Bianca Censori

Bryce Hall

Speaking of that particular channel, the soon to be again Housewife all but admitted she was scammed out of most of her money by her soon to be ex.


Porsha Williams

Simon Guobadia

All of these lawsuits is why the late night host is going to be replaced by the one who was in on the Face Time joke.

Andy Cohen

Kate Chastain

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