This A/A- list singer/actress has a tracker on her actor husband’s phone so she can see where he is 24/7.

Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck

This network anchor recently switched to a new hair coloring dye which looks almost like a cartoon when you see it in person.

No one knows why he switched from his other hair color dye.

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Cardi B


CARDI B has divided her fans after sharing a close-up look at her face tattoo.

The rapper, 30, got an inking of her 17-month-old son Wave’s name printed on her jawline.

Cardi showed off the tattoo while posing in a retro white dress with a diamond-encrusted collar.

She captioned the shot, “I love my face tatt,” with a heart emoji.

The snap is from her and her husband Offset’s McDonald’s shoot to promote their very own meal – named “The Cardi B & Offset Meal.”

Cardi’s ink got a mixed reaction from her followers, with some claiming the singer was “ruining” her looks.

One tweeted: “Cardi please don’t ruin your face it’s beautiful put the tats somewhere else . Not your face.”

Another added: “Y’all really don’t think about what you gonna look like when you get older huh.”

A third referenced rapper Post Malone, who has dozens of face tattoos, penning: “Please no more on the face.

“You’re beautiful and you don’t wanna be out here getting called cardimalone.”Source

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