This three named singer/muse has employed a PR team that uses bots to post nothing but nice things about their clients on every site where they are mentioned that accepts comments.

It is the singer’s push against all the negativity that has headed her way for the last couple of years.

Lana Del Rey

I know this actress is super happy to be part of a movie franchise, but she has so much going on right now and the franchise is the worst part of her career.

The latest installment is garbage and the former child actress who is still not old enough to drink had such a great 2021 and 2022 and this is going to take her down a bunch of notches.

Jenna Ortega

Scream VI

Why yes, the former A list north of the border singer did pay for the trip for her new boyfriend out of the country.

She paid for everything including an extra suite for him so he could “work.”

She should catch him while he is “working.”

Avril Lavigne


Paris Fashion Week

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