24 02, 2020

Everything is just so tight on her face.

This foreign born back in the day A/A- list singer who may or may not have been replaced by a body double sure did get some work done to her face within the past couple of months. An extensive amount of work. Everything is just so tight on her face. Her smile is frozen in place.

29 10, 2019

He is hooking up with this foreign born singer

This former A- list mostly television actor who has struggled in recent years getting great parts is married and is arguably the most wealthy actor who regularly works. He is also hooking up with this foreign born singer who all of you know but hasn't had a hit in well over a decade and is involved in a big conspiracy about herself.

18 08, 2019

He blames the woman every single time.

Every relationship this seemingly permanent reality star who is a celebrity offspring of a permanent celebrity crashes and burns when his significant other realizes it takes a LOT of time and effort to get our reality star to stand to attention so to speak.

8 07, 2019

The reason people think she was replaced with a body double.

This foreign born singer was A list back in the day for her first record. Then, she was ticked off that her secret was revealed. That secret being she didn't write any of her hits even though she had claimed she wrote them all. That led to a falling out with the people who did which is why she has never had a hit since. Probably also the reason people think she was replaced with a body double.

22 06, 2019

Did America really hate them?

People love to hate on this band, although they must be doing something right, as they've been widely successful for over 2 decades now. We were working their third album when a call came in from the lead singer. A scathing article about them had just been published by a top rock critic. Our front man was completely gutted. Did America really hate them? I tried to explain how we build you up to tear you down, and that nobody listens to rock critics anyway.

23 12, 2018

2 blinds in a row

Now that this celebrity offspring who is B listish on her own is legal, look for her to finally show off the person she has been dating the past three years. / This foreign born possible body double is spinning a yarn for the press about her new album. It was all written by ghostwriters, even the story she is telling about the origins of the writing.