Usually you cross your legs and put a finger to your mouth to symbolize, “Shhh,” or “Be quiet.”

I woke up yesterday to an e-mail from Bani.

She did it. Did you see it?

She will be the first to get mid seven figures for one night for sure.

We definitely expected it at some point, but not so soon.

This will drive her price so high.

My phone has been buzzing non-stop since she did it.

This is the biggest response I’ve ever seen.”

Attached to the e-mail was a photo.

I had not seen it, but there it was.

A photo sent out to the world through social media from a huge worldwide event.

She was letting them know. Let me back up for a second. One thing Bani and I discussed was a way for sellers to let buyers know that they can keep a secret.

The last thing you want any of these people doing is blabbing.

The buyers never blab except to each other.

You would think the sellers would have it worse if they talked about it, but the buyers could be put to death, so they kind of need the secrecy thing even more so.

So, how is this all communicated without actually speaking.

Well, a lot of it I documented earlier with the website they use and the modeling shoots in Miami.

Those are ways, but sometimes it isn’t possible to do that, but the seller wants to let every possible buyer know they will stay very quiet.

It is called the pose.

Usually you cross your legs and put a finger to your mouth to symbolize, “Shhh,” or “Be quiet.”

This is what our barely legal A list reality star did the other day and in the Middle East Bani says they are going crazy.

In my mind it is crazy to pay say $5M for sex for one night, but it is not much less than she would get for a porn and now we know she can keep a secret.

Kylie Jenner (at MTV MVAs)
Here is the pose:


Do you believe it?

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