This Instagram model is an escort.

Like so many other Instagram models, this model is not actually a model or fitness instructor or herbal tea sales person or any of the other million jobs they claim to work.


This Instagram model is an escort.

A very high priced escort.

Like many of the escorts on the site, she takes a lot of photos. Things people have bought her or holding cash she was paid.

Most of the time they say they earned it themselves with some kind of #blessed hashtag, but no one is buying it.

Well, this particular model hit pay dirt a couple of years ago.

She met a Presidential candidate.

At the time he was not running for office but he is now.

Back in the day when they first hooked up she took photos of the two of them together.

Innocuous looking photos.

She is at a dinner or a lunch. There are others around, but make no mistake, she was there to be with him.

He is married. Was at the time too.

All of these events she attended happened to be in hotels.

They would spend some time together before or after the event.

No photos of that time together or so our candidate thought. It turns out he was wrong.

No selfie queen would ever not document all parts of her life.

She might not share everything with the world, but she is certainly going to keep it for herself and her close friends.

Fast forward a couple of years.

Their fling has long since ended.

It actually lasted a bit longer than most.

Suddenly on her page pop up photos of her with the candidate. First it was just the events.

The photos she had posted a couple of years ago.

She e-mailed the candidate with a link and of course he thinks nothing of it and probably thinks he could squash her if she says they had a relationship.

Then, she sends him a photo of him brushing his teeth in a hotel room bathroom mirror.

He has his head down but you can clearly see her in the reflection of the mirror holding the phone.

He is wearing nothing but a towel and she is in a bra and panties.

When he fails to respond she sends him a link to the photo and it is up on a new private Instagram account.

He freaks out but thinks it can still be handled.

They start negotiating.

Things are not going well and she has promised to post the photo to her own public Instagram account by the end of the month if she does not get her dollar figure.

She currently has several hundred thousand followers so this should be interesting.

Donald Trump


Do you believe it?

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