April 16, 2018

Don’t believe the hype.

Don't believe the hype. The only man this A+ list mostly movie actress is hooking up with is that married U.N. higher up. Now, if an actress came her way, she would be very open to it because she gets bored with the nannies.
February 27, 2018

The pickup line of the father to women is that he is the dad of the actress.

I have written here before about some fathers who have taken advantage of women that have worked for their daughters and hooked up with backup dancers and singers. This is the first time I can remember the father of an actress using the name of the actress as a pickup line. Sure, Pimpa Joe uses the fame of his daughters to find "models" to photograph, but this is different. The actress in question is currently A- list mostly movies. She has been A+ list in the past.
February 17, 2018

It’s a fucking ensemble and she wanted to be treated like the star of a one woman play

You might have seen this high-profile ensemble movie in theatres last year, but apparently the cast was almost very different with a certain controversial A list actress in negotiations for a key supporting role. ‘It fell apart,’ whispers an insider, ‘because she wanted script changes, more money and most of the marketing focus. It’s a fucking ensemble and she wanted to be treated like the star of a one woman play.’
February 16, 2018

Entitled, spoilt and rude… says the nanny

This Hollywood nanny has worked for some of the biggest celebrities in the world, but she describes the high-profile children of this A list couple as by far the worst she’s ever looked after. "Entitled, spoilt and rude," says the nanny, who claims most celebrity kids are usually – to our surprise – quite good. She predicts these kids to grow into "just the worst" adults.
February 10, 2018

The actress rotates the teens every six months or so

This actress is someone all of you know. I can't give her usual identifier here because all of you would guess her in a second. I would venture to say almost everyone in the world knows who she is. Her position in life allows her a lot of freedom. She has many people working for her on a variety of different visas and passports.
December 28, 2017

4 blinds in a row

This foreign born old permanent A list singer from a permanent A list band has been apparently going condom free with his new hookup partner and wants to have his seemingly 34th child with as many different baby mothers. The eldest child of this A+ list mostly movie actress went to rehab for two weeks until the actress went and got the child because the actress said she missed the child and wanted the child back home. This A list country singer has been seeing a woman for the past couple of weeks who is definitely not his long time celebrity girlfriend who is just as high on the list. This married You Tube star/network reality star who got his start doing some crazy things in six seconds on Vine has been hooking up with a guy almost every weekend while he leaves his celebrity wife at home.
December 25, 2017

4 blinds in a row

This foreign born still one hit wonder got dinner, but got turned down by the guy she was meeting when she quoted a rate for an after dinner performance. No matter what she does to herself or how many procedures she does to try to keep looking young, this permanent A/A- list singer is always going to be cheated on by her A list boyfriend. Apparently he is unable to perform any longer. This A+ list mostly movie actor is receiving death threats from people he suspects are associated with his A+ list actress ex.
December 21, 2017

Whenever his wife goes out of town, our actress swoops right in.

This A+ list mostly movie actress is back on with that married foreign Ambassador to the UN. Whenever his wife goes out of town, our actress swoops right in.