November 28, 2018

She was in her element this week with a married cabinet member

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who has lost some shine over the past year or so, also directs. She was in her element this week with the married cabinet member she sees every time she flies to this country.
September 28, 2018

3 blinds in a row

Out at dinner last night, this permanent A list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and a member of the hair club for men, spoke only in Russian to all the staff. No English. None of the staff understood a word he was saying. It was out of control. / Another day, another sex romp at her place between this A+ list mostly movie actress and her married actor ex. She just always seems to want to create that dramatic tension. He just likes the crazy sex. / This A list celebrity chef who doesn't really cook for a living and never really has, does have many shows under his belt. He also liked to use that belt to beat his last girlfriend which is why she left him.
August 27, 2018

She is like the female Johnny Depp

What nobody is talking about in this A+ list divorce is how broke this former A+ list mostly movie actress is. She has spent almost every dollar she has ever earned because she couldn't control her crazy spending.
August 19, 2018

They control the law. They control the news. They control it all. The power has gone to their head.

It has been well over three decades since the membership attempted this. Three decades of wanting to do so but afraid of the authorities who were anxious to learn any details about the two previous times it has known to have happened. It was fitting that it happened in that special room with the initials to begin the name.
July 25, 2018

She has dated girls in the past but since getting together with her superstar man most people have forgotten about that

Which Recently Split Actress Now Has A Girlfriend – EXCLUSIVE. While the actress and her famous husband still continue to fight over the nasty details of their divorce, she has quietly moved on and is now dating a – WOMAN! She has dated girls in the past but since getting together with her superstar man most people have forgotten about that.
July 18, 2018

3 blinds in a row

Being able to actually sing doesn't disqualify you from judging. / The wannabe wife of this A list frequent reality judge/host/producer/chain smoker/serial cheater has been arranging for paps to try and put the aforementioned person on the spot. / This former A+ list mostly movie actress turned A list actress/part-time director has been forced to leave her kids alone or fly in her lover on a private jet, since our actress can't leave the country with her kids.
July 1, 2018

There was definitely an air of sadness with her body language.

I was meeting a friend at my apartment complex on a cloudy Sunday in August of 2016 in the capital city of a very boring state that is neither southern nor western, when a rather impeccably-dressed chauffer had pulled up in a tall, 8-person minivan with tinted windows. He greeted me, and eager to help I went over. It turns out that he was driving a major celebrity around, but didn’t divulge who it was at first.
April 27, 2018

Don’t believe the hype.

Don't believe the hype. This A+/A list mostly movie actress has been sick lately because she has been trying to kick heroin. Apparently she kicked it for a week and went through withdrawal only to do some and almost overdose before repeating the process of withdrawal.