She doesn’t want her 15 minutes to end. They already did.
June 18, 2016
Wait until people learn of the actual costs. Another reboot bites the dust.
June 18, 2016

So honest! So brave! Such bulls*t.

Aww, poor Sicko.

“Too sick” to show up for group appearances.

“Too sick” for major TV appearances.

More “health issues” when he’s supposed to perform.

Now, if Sicko would stop doing drugs, a lot of those “health” issues would go away.

But he won’t, so it’s time to roll in the excuses and the portrayal of our young lad as a sympathetic victim.

So honest! So brave!

Such bulls*t.

Last time he tried to play the illness card, he wound up putting his friends in the awful position of having to lie for him.

Since he burned his bridges with them, he had to find a new accomplice.

That’s why she’s back.

Fortunately, she is exactly the right person for the job.

She’s available, she loves publicity… and this isn’t the first time she has helped someone gain sympathy by framing their problem as one thing when it is really caused by another.

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