Hey, there is $10M somewhere and it might be with her.

I have written in bits and pieces about this crime family before.

It seems like all of it is about to come out and be written about in some 10,000 word think piece.

There are multiple B+ listers involved which is crazy.

Not as crazy as the A list network actress though who actually is a part owner of a drug cartel.

Anyway, this is not about her or the way she was going to influence the government.

She has tried twice to the tune of millions of dollars. I guess she still has an outside shot to do so.

Anyway, like I said, not about her.

I have written about the B+ list actor who passed on a franchise because he didn’t want the resulting press.

You know, about how his girlfriend is a convicted drug dealer.

Oh, or how she still gets raided by the feds every few months who are looking for hidden family drugs and cash.

Hey, there is $10M somewhere and it might be with her.

It is probably not with her drug dealing mom, who had multiple hits carried out over her career.

Heck, she had the girlfriend of her ex beat up just for kicks.

I suppose the girlfriend’s aunt could have it but considering how much she steals from others, one would assume she would steal from her family too.

The daughter of the aunt could have it.

I mean, she is a B+ list actress on her own and could reasonably be trusted to watch it.

Someone has it.

A+ list network actress: Sofia Vergara
B+ list actor: Charlie Hunnam (Franchise he passed: Fifty Shades of Grey)
Girlfriend: Morgana McNelis
B+ list actress: Leighton Meester (her mother Constance Meester is Morgana McNeil’s mother’s sister)

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

Do you believe it?

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