He said he wanted to talk to her. So, after school he sent a car for her and she went to the set.

This happened about a decade ago.

Within a year on either side.

It all started when the daughter of this A+ list mostly movie actor visited the set where her father was shooting.

She was in high school at the time and brought along with her one of her best friends.

The two hung around all day and into the night.

At some point, the daughter went off to see some shot being set up because she had some designs on getting a tiny part in the movie. She left behind her friend who was wandering around and ended up back at the trailer of the A+ lister.

According to her, the A+ lister decided to take a shower and the teen asked if she should leave.

The dad/A+ lister said no, there was no need.

After the shower, the dad came out wearing just a towel and started telling the teen how attractive she was and how he had noticed her when she came over to the house.

He sat down next to her on the couch and the next thing you know they were having sex.

When they finished, he told her she should go in case anyone came looking for him.

As the teen and the daughter of the A+ lister were leaving that night, the A+ lister handed her an envelope with $1000 inside and told her she should keep everything to herself.

A week went by and the teen was at school when she got a call from the dad asking her to come to the set.

He said he wanted to talk to her.

So, after school he sent a car for her and she went to the set.

Again, they ended up having sex and again he gave her $1000.

While she was there on set, the actor introduced her to this now A list mostly movie actor who sucks at acting.

Back then, he was just starting out even though he was A list at something other than acting.

The dad told the A lister that the teen was a lot of fun and they should hang out.

The next thing you know, the teen was having sex with the A lister and afterwards he gave her $1000 too.

A few days later she was asked back to the set by the A+ lister.

They had sex again and she was paid again and afterwards he introduced her to this B list mostly movie actor with booze and anger issues.

Once again the A+ lister introduced her by saying she was a lot of fun.

The teen ended up having sex with this actor too, but he didn’t pay her.

Apparently this fact got back to the A+ lister who threatened to beat up the actor if he didn’t pay.

Shortly thereafter he did pay.

An interesting side note is that this non-paying actor ended up dating the teen for almost two years.

Throughout the course of the movie, the teen was introduced to other actors and even a producer of the movie.

Each time she was paid $1000 or even more in a couple of cases.

When the movie ended, the A+ lister took her aside and gave her $25,000 and told her she had been great, but that he wouldn’t be speaking to her again.

This also went for his daughter who suddenly cut off contact with the teen and never spoke to her again.

The teen had offers from many of the actors she hooked up with on the set, but she turned them all down when she started dating the nonpaying actor.

A+ list actor: Bruce Willis (Alpha Dog – 2006)
Daughter: Rumer Willis
Actor who sucks at acting: Justin Timberlake
B list actor: Emile Hirsch

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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