Either she or the producers have to make a decision soon. The clock’s ticking!

This young celebrity with the famous last name is having a complete meltdown over an acting job.

She doesn’t know if she should quit… or stick with it… or if she’s being fired!

She took a gig for which she was not qualified, and the realization of her unpreparedness is starting to sink in.

She is handling the stress very badly and is crying and having major anxiety attacks over her potential failure. She can’t violate her contract, so she might have to gracefully exit the job by getting some sort of doctor’s note claiming that she is unable to fulfill her responsibilities.

It wouldn’t be a lie.

Just an exaggeration to keep her from the humiliation of failure or getting fired.

How would the producers deal with her departure?

“At this point they would be secretly relieved if she quit!

That would save them the legal headache of having to fire her.

They already have [a celebrity replacement] ready to go.”

Either she or the producers have to make a decision soon. The clock’s ticking!

Source: http://blindgossip.com

Rumer Willis
Roxie Hart in “Chicago” on Broadway
“Dancing With The Stars winner Rumer Willis will make her Broadway debut on August 18, when she joins the cast of Chicago, the long-running revival at the Shubert-owned Ambassador Theatre. Willis will play jailed murderess Roxie Hart in the show for a limited 8-week run thorough October 11.”
Source: http://deadline.com/2015/07/rumer-willis-to-appear-as-roxie-hart-in-chicago-making-broadway-debut-1201477246/

Do you believe it?

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