Earlier in the day, this singer had visited a school and played with the kids.

Everything was fine.

Then he did a radio interview.

He tried to take control of the interview but was thwarted by an experienced host.

Our singer was very unhappy from that point on.

Before his performance even started, he was backstage, complaining bitterly and saying that he didn’t even feel like going on.

As soon as a disruption occurred, he completely lost it and walked off.

This isn’t about a lack of sleep.

This is about a lack of maturity. Someone close to him explains it this way: “After years of being spoiled and self-centered, the maturity just isn’t there.

He thinks that talking about being mature or dressing more mature or being more controlling of others is maturity.

It doesn’t work that way.

He simply does not have the self-discipline/patience/restraint to genuinely be mature.

He gets thrown by the littlest things.

When he is unable to control other people, he loses it and turns into a cry baby.

Justin Bieber

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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