The wife of this country singer is being paid a great deal of money to hold back on their divorce.

Everyone knows her allegations make him look awful.

They will still split, but it will be much more quiet and after she gives birth.

The wife, not the girlfriend.

The girlfriend is later.

Hannah Lee Fowler

Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt Wife Files for Divorce in Another County … Divorce Still On

Sam Hunt’s wife had an almost instant change of heart after filing for divorce, because the same day she accused Sam of adultery she withdrew her petition to end the marriage.

Hannah Lee Fowler had filed legal docs Friday to end her marriage to Sam, not only citing infidelity but revealing she was pregnant and wanted primary custody of their child due in May. She had also asked for spousal and child support.

But, then she filed a document the very same day saying the divorce petition was “voluntarily nonsuited without prejudices.” Translation … she’s withdrawing the divorce case but is reserving the right to file again in the future.

The couple married almost 5 years ago and were together for years before … they began their relationship when Sam was a QB at Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham.


12:14 PM PT — Turns out the reason Hannah withdrew her petition so quickly was because she apparently filed legal docs in the wrong county, so she refiled the case in a nearby county in the Nashville area … so now it makes more sense. She didn’t file last Friday and suddenly change her mind the same day. Her lawyers filed and then must have realized the jurisdiction was wrong, so they fixed it. – Source

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