The pay cable talk show host has a plan and that is to permanently change the format of the show so he won’t need writers, and he will pocket the extra money himself.

The actress crossing the picket line to host her show was the impetus for the pay cable host.

Bill Maher

Real Time With Bill Maher

Drew Baryymore

Bill Maher is set to resume “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO without his team of writers.

The show will return with an original episode on September 22 at 10 pm, making Maher the first late-night host to return to the air.

This move is notable because it comes amidst a strike by late-night writers, now in its fourth month.

While other talk show hosts like Drew Barrymore have faced criticism from writers, Maher’s decision to proceed without his writing team remains controversial in the industry.

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